assignment iii-vii guide

starting from 2077/01/24


School has decided to start assignment system for the students of grade III to VII. As it will be difficult for the small kids to study or attend in online classes, we have decided to give them offline assignment for particular subjects in our school's website. Students (with the help of their parents) must complete the assignment and click the photo of the completed work and send it to respective teacher through the use of whatsapp application. Whatsapp number of the teacher and detail guide regarding assignment is given below:


  1. Starting from 2077/01/24...After opening school site click on Offline Assignment on the navigation tab. see the image below:




2. Select your grade.

3. Click on the subject and you will get your assignment.

(If you have any question regarding the assignment you can contact the respective teacher via whatsapp.)

teachers contact (whatsapp)

[Assignment submission time-10:00 am to 4:00 pm]

  1. Jenny Miss- +9779842675483 (Social class=3/4/5 English=class 3/4)

  2. Aju Miss- +917584837370 (Science class=3/4/5)

  3. Chitra Miss- +9779815949126 (Computer/GK class=3/4/5)

  4. Sharda Miss- +9779849424963 (Maths class=3)

  5. Santa Miss- +9779842106930 (Nepali class=3/4)

  6. Premu ma'am- +9779817942331 (English class=4-7)

  7. Gagan sir- +9779863980783 (Maths class= 4/5 Moral class=3/4)

  8. Yam Sir- +9779814012528

  9. Bhanu Sir- +9779804952316

  10. Puran Sir- +9779841621756

  11. Suman SIr - +9779825924446

  12. Mehang Sir- +9779824009848

  13. Khem Sir- +9779815033170

thank you